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Young Entrepreneur Series – HOPE

May 31, 2012

Rachael Lambin was years old when her HOPE organization (Helping Obese People through Education) was founded. Rachael started gaining weight in elementary school. Mandatory snack periods offered only junk food. Gym class was held just twice a week, and recess didn’t provide any chance for physical activity.

Rachael’s self-esteem dropped so much that she began home-schooling rather than face the teasing from kids at school. Rachael learned about nutrition, lost 50 poundswith diet and exercise, and created a 4-H program called HOPE, Helping Obese PeopleThrough Education.

HOPE reaches out to otheryouth coping with obesity. Through HOPE, Rachael gives workshops on nutrition and self-esteem and holds exercise clinics. She teaches youth healthy habits with charts, demonstrates exercises and brings in a personal trainer to measure weight and body fat. She encourages youth to teach their families what they’ve learned or return with their parents and siblings to learn together. HOPE is held at health clubs, school gyms and community health fairs.

She didn’t end her work with this organization. She also founded a second organization called Kids Helping Kids with Asthma.  Rachael works to raise asthma awareness and provides disabled children with an unique opportunity to attend summer camps. Supportive summer camps allow them to have fun and enjoy camp in an environment designed to support medication and management.

Kids can do amazing things. Learn how to start a business, make good decisions, and more at

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