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Young Entrepreneur Series – GlobalTek Solutions Inc.

March 29, 2012

Shazad Mohamed was 12 years old when GlobalTek Solutions Inc. was invented. Shazad Mohamed first sat in front of a computer at age 3. At 8, he started to really focus his attention on computers, and at 12, he founded his company, GlobalTek Solutions Inc., an e-business solutions provider in Carrollton, Texas.

This business-savvy teen set up shop in 1999 and now expects several million in sales for 2002. With all this success under his belt, Mohamed has no intention of slowing down. Currently seeking venture funding to expand his service offering, he wants to turn GlobalTek Solutions into a multibillion-dollar company in the next decade. He also plans on obtaining an MBA from Harvard.

Take a look at what he had to say in this interview.

Q: What does GlobalTek do?

A: We provide software solutions for the healthcare industry, for patient charts, prescriptions or management of patient information. We deliver solutions essential to help healthcare companies automate, digitise and manage their patient information and their prescriptions.

Q: What inspired you to start GlobalTek, and what were your initial concerns, especially as a minor?

A: Obviously at 12, you’re going to be hampered by legal issues. My parents had to take over signing contracts and cheques. Other than that, I really didn’t face that many obstacles. I largely focused on merit, and tried to convince clients that our company would provide the best solution at the best price.

Q: As a 12-year-old, you must have faced scepticism over your professional abilities?

A: No, not personally. In fact, people were very interested in engaging with GlobalTek, perhaps because they saw in me a fresh perspective on technology and innovative solutions. I was coming from a background where I had no bias nor slant on anything. That may also have translated into an advantage for our customers. My age may not have been a help, but it was certainly not a barrier.

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What do you think is Shazad’s greatest contribution through his company?

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