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Young Entrepreneur Series – Elemento

March 22, 2012

8th grade entrepreneur Anshul Samar began his entrepreneurial career by seeking an alternative to boring study. He created Elementeo, a card game based on chemical elements in which players battle to reduce their opponents’ electrons (and ultimately their in-game IQ) to zero.

“Entrepreneurship is cool, and so is chemistry! Both are full of actions, reactions, explosions, experiments, and most importantly, they both give the joy and excitement of creating something new!” says Anshul of his Elementeo game and of his passion for entrepreneurship.

Samar started his company with a $500 grant from the California Association of the Gifted. By founding and becoming the CEO of Alchemist Empire Inc., Samar has already fulfilled his 4th grade dream of becoming a CEO of his own business.

When he is not working on his business, Anshul chats up venture capitalists and lawyers, talks to parents and teachers, gives presentations at conferences, talks to the media, and, of course, finishes his homework.

You can read more about Anshul in his New York Times article – and if he inspires you to build your own business, we’d love to see you enter the Secret Millionaires Club “Grow Your Own Business” competition.


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