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Young Entrepreneur Series – TPak International

February 21, 2012

Kelly Reinhart was 8  years old when Thigh Pack was invented – it has become a big success for her company TPak International.

When she was eight years old, she and her siblings were stuck inside on a rainy day. After driving their parents crazy for a while, her dad challenged the kids to call come up with an invention. He said the best idea would get a prototype made.

Kelly Reinhart invented the thigh pack after seeing cowboys wearing holsters in Westerns on TV. She designed a pack to hold a portable video game player and games that ties onto your belt and around your thigh. With feedback from friends at school, Kelly and her family made improvements on the pack and obtained a patent for the design.

She developed a company TPak International of which she is the chairperson and they have sold nearly $1 million worth in Thigh Packs. She has even met with the pentagon and President Bush to discuss uses by the military!

About her future plans, Kelly said, “I want to be a senator so I can help people and educate them on the process of business and help make it easier to find money for making dreams come true.”

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