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Young Entrepreneur Series – Love Letters

February 16, 2012

The original poster I created when I presented Love Letters to my eighth grade class

Kaitlyn Chana a 16 year old high school student when she took over a national organization called Love Letters : Random Words of Kindness.

What an amazing story she has. Linda Bremner originally founded the organization, from experience she had after her son died from cancer. Linda was going through her son’s letters from friends he met at a camp for kids with cancer. Linda wrote each of them a letter and saw the impact it had on the children to know someone was thinking of them.

Kaitlyn had been in contact with Linda through her own projects. When she learned that Linda had passed away and her organization was folding, Kaitlyn knew what she had to do. She took the initiative to keep Linda’s work going, because “sick kids need more than medicine, they need love and support from “Love Letters Pen Pals.”

“Linda was an extraordinary lady, during one of our phone conversations she said, “It only takes one person to move a mountain and then others will follow.” I didn’t know exactly what she meant at the time but I wrote her beautiful quote in my book. Later when I received an e-mail from her friend saying Linda passed away and at her request the national organization, Love Letters Inc., was closed, my hands gravitated to Linda’s quote and then I realized what the quote meant. I wanted to be the one to move the mountain to help children going through the difficult times of treatments and surgeries. I took the initiative to carry on Linda’s legacy by encouraging others to create positive, upbeat homemade cards for children wth life-threatening illnesses through Love Letters: Random Cards of Kindness, Inc.”
Kaitlyn Chana

Her organization creates and sends homemade cards through mail to children with life-threatening illnesses throughout the United States.

In addition to sending cards, they also create cards for children at local hospitals and for children and their family at a non-profit organization called Give Kids The World.

“Love Letters cards are always bright, cheerful, and positive. We create cards for girls and boys from the ages of birth to 18 years old. These cards are unique because they are created by hand using stamps, stickers, scrapbook paper and art supplies. Inside each card a positive inspirational message is written to given children faith, courage and the will to survive. These cards are the “magical ticket” for our Love Letters Angels who are going through the difficult times of treatments and surgeries. One mother shared with us, “Your Love Letters Pen Pal card put a smile on my daughter’s face which I haven’t seen for a very long time.” Bringing smiles to children’s faces and laughter to their hearts is our mission.”
Love Letters: Random Cards of Kindness, Inc.

Kaitlyn has shown that the idea doesn’t have to be yours for it to be a good one. She took an amazing passion of one woman and turned it into an enduring legacy. Visit for advice from Warren Buffett on what to do with your passions.

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