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Young Entrepreneur Series – Kids Saving the Rainforest

February 14, 2012

When they were nine years old, Janine Licare Andrews and Aislin Livingstone sold painted rocks at a roadside table in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica to raise money to help protect local rainforests and endangered wildlife. From that roadside table, Kids Saving the Rainforest was born.

In 1999, the girls opened a store to sell their artwork as well as the work of local artists and craftspeople. All of the store’s profits go toward preserving rainforest land, rehabilitating baby animals, and educating people around the world about the connection between humans and nature.

Today, the successful store not only sells the children’s artwork, but also the work of local artists and craftspeople, KSTR merchandise, and serves as an information source about the organization and environmental issues. KSTR receives 100% of the profits from all of the sales.

Since 1999, KSTR has expanded its mission. Through a number of projects, we hope to educate children about the rainforest, preserve local rainforest land, rehabilitate baby and injured animals, have a wildlife sanctuary for animals that can never be released into the wild, and insure the survival of the endangered Titi monkeys.

We believe that the rainforest is a storehouse of treasures.
We vow to do everything we can to save it.
With the vanishing rainforest goes the future of our planet.
We have to be the generation that makes a difference!

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