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Young Entrepreneur Series – Jenga!

February 1, 2012


Everyone knows JENGA, but does everyone know that a kid came up with one of the best selling games in the world?

Leslie Scott was 16 years old when JENGA was invented. She came up with the idea at age 11 while living in Africa. Her parents brought home some wooden blocks and Leslie started stacking them three across and built upward.

The idea of turning it into a game came to her and an international success was born. The word JENGA is Swahili for “build”.

Scott launched the game she named and trademarked as ‘Jenga’ at the London Toy Fair in January 1983 and sold it through her own company. In 1984, Robert Grebler, an entrepreneur from California who was the brother of a close friend of Scott, contacted her and expressed interest in importing and distributing Jenga in Canada. Scott incorporated Oxford Games in 1991 and has been inventing games under that company ever since.

Scott is one of the few professional game designers in the world, and in addition to JENGA!, she also invented Anagram, Bookworm, Cloister Games, Auction, Jammie Dodg’ ems, Ex Libris, Flummoxed, Garden Maze, Inns and Taverns, Inspiration, Ludus Romanus, Old Money, Playing Shakespeare, Retro, Tabula, The Great Game of Commette, Rune Stone, Sailor’s Know, The Bodleian Game, The Celtic Game, The Game of the Raj, The Great Western Railway Game, The Hieroglyphs Game, The Islip Game, Tudor Joust.

Not just an inventor, she is an entrepreneur and business owner. Secret Millionares Club with Warren Buffett can help you become a great business owner too, through lessons in financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

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