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Young Entrepreneur Series – Tango-Electric Transportation

December 28, 2011

Ben Gulak was 18 years old when Tango-Electric Transportation was invented. Ben Gulak and James Morrow, two clever teen Canadian scientists, have built an interesting, eco-friendly electric bike, the Tango: Tango: Tomorrow’s Transportation Solution. It is modeled to be as close to an actual sports bike as possible, such as a speed bike. Gulak and Morrow were among sixteen teen scientists who represented Team Canada in Albuquerque, New Mexico at the annual Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

As far as what the Tango made of on the inside, it too has electronic technology used in everyday appliances like the Nintendo Wii uses to detect angle and motions. The Tango can reach top speeds of 40 miles per hour and Morrow claims it is more practical than the Segway or the embryo from Bombardier, plus it has the added bonus of zero gas emissions!

These young entrepreneurs are currently trying to get interested investors to market and produce their bike, hoping that their product will be a benefit to society for transportation and fun. They are taking their invention and using it to build a business.

What kind of business can you create? Enter your ideas now! Go to and look for the Grow Your Own Business Challenge.

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