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Young Entrepreneur Series – A Place To Call Home

December 15, 2011

Kristen Thomas was a high school student when she started A Place to Call Home in Sterling, Colorado. She founded the organization after she was touched by the plight of the homeless she saw on a trip to Denver with her Dad. “As we were driving around I could just count the people that were homeless, holding up signs, walking in the streets, sleeping in different areas, and I thought I’ve got to help.”

She and her friends Jenna and Danielle collect donations of toys, toiletries, baby food, and bibles that they then put together as care packages to distribute among the homeless in the Denver area.

There is a lot you can learn about homelessness.

Facts about the Denver area:

  • FAMILIES comprise more than 50% of those who are homeless in Metro Denver.
  • 30% of people that are homeless in Denver say they have less than a high school education.
  • 25% of elegible homeless are unable to access housing assistance for Denver public housing.
  • Authorities report 24-36 months waiting period for housing assistance.

Myth and Fact

Not many children are homeless
Children make up about 15% of the homeless population. One child in five in the United States Lives below the poverty line. Many homeless children are alone, either runaway’s or “throw away’s”

Most of them are Mentally Ill
The mentally ill comprise about 25% of the national homeless. It should be noted that this number includes those who are suffering from DEPRESSION, some of which may be situational rather than a true disorder

They are heavy drug and alcohol abusers
Some homeless are substance abusers; statistics show that one in four.

They want to be that way
Less than 6% of homeless are there by choice.

They are to blame for their own situation
Most homeless are victims. Some have suffered from child abuse or violence. Many have lost their jobs after years of employment. All have lost their homes.

They are dangerous
In general, the homeless are among the least threatening group in our society. If anything they are the victims of crimes, not the perpetrators.

The Homeless are only in large urban areas
The homeless are found not only in large cities, but in small towns, rural areas, and affluent suburbs.

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