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Young Entrepreneur Series – Real Estate Entrepreneur James Hatton

December 8, 2011

Although many people may consider filpping burgers at a fast food restaurant a dead end job, James Hatton Jr. attributes his success to his often 80 hours a week work load at fast food restaurants in Tennessee. He worked as an assistant manager in a well known burger chain and also worked at another local establishment for the past 7 years. At 18, Hatton began buying real houses at below market value and then later flipping those houses for a profit.

One day he listened to a talk radio show hosted by financial self-help, Dave Ramsey and from that point on he hunger for knowledge could not be satisfied until he read all he could about the real estate business.

Over the last 7 years, while working in excess of 80 hours per week, Hatton has bought and re-sold over 16 houses. He bought his first house when he was just 18 years old for $18,000.00 in cash. Now, at the age of 25, Hatton has banked $750,000 and is hoping to reach his $1 million by 30.

In addition to his 80 hours a week workload at McDonalds and Backyard Burgers, Hatton has found time to make an instructional DVD demonstrating how he flipped a house as well as a book titled Flippin’ Burgers to Flippin Millions.

Hatton buys homes in what most would consider “war-zones”. Some of the neighborhoods have been havens for drug and gang activity. Rather than being deterred, Hatton forges on with a sense of making a profit AND changing the landscape of the community, one house at a time. “I make a profit, and I uplift the community,” Hatton said.

While many real estate agents are leaving the business in droves thinking it to be a hard market, maybe they should be asking this young man..what do you do and how do you do it!

Hatton saves the money he receives from his fast food employment to invest in real estate. Despite his success, he’s not leaving the fast food industry anytime soon. His dream is to own a McDonald’s franchise and to keep buying and selling homes. Hatton believes that doing so is a formula for success. “It’s always going to be burgers and homes.”

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