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Young Entrepreneur Series – New Light Leadership Coalition

December 7, 2011

Farajii Muhammad was 19 years old when New Light Leadership Coalition was invented. “At age 19, Muhamed and his wife created the New Light Leadership Coalition. and currently serves as the President and spokesman for the youth-governed organization. The NLLC trains youth in leadership development skills and community activism around the country. To date, NLLC has trained over 400 young people locally and nationally through workshops, training programs, and conferences. This organization is operated for youth, by youth, with guidance from its elders.

Farajii built the NLLC into a powerful voice for the youth of Baltimore. From his perspective, he could see that many social institutions had “dumbed down” the perception of young people and he began the Coalition to turn that around by training young leaders. His organization has evolved, starting with a national youth conference, which continues, and then transitioned into leadership development programs to get young people ready to become leaders as adults.

His goal is to create a national movement – the youth empowerment movement – engaging young people in their communities. His secret is that he is a great communicator who can share a vision with a radio program that reaches thousands of youth in Baltimore.

His advice to young people: “Change the way you see yourself – see yourself as a leader.”

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