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Young Entrepreneur Series – Chores-For-Charity

November 15, 2011

Ilana Rothbein was 15 years old when Chores-For-Charity was founded as a way to raise money for FACES (Finding a Cure for Epilepsy and Seizures). Juggling schoolwork, sports, social activities, and part-time work, she found it very difficult to organize a fundraiser. Instead, Ilana decided to donate the money from her babysitting jobs to FACES. Over a year, she donated 45 hours of her time babysitting and $450 of her earnings to FACES.

She thought, “Maybe I can get other kids to do the same thing. Since kids are donating their time to contribute their earnings to a charitable organization, it’s only fair that those hours be counted as charitable work.” She began developing her personal fundraising project into an official program with support from her family and FACES.

The program helps students earn community service credit from their school or house of worship by donating a portion of their earnings (from part-time jobs, summer jobs, or odd jobs) to a charitable organization. The hours that the students worked to donate their earnings would qualify for community service.

Ilana was recently selected as a finalist in the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards in New Jersey for her program. In addition, her 45 hours of babysitting donations to NYU Medical Center qualified her to receive a President’s Volunteer Service Award. She has also received a congratulatory letter from NJ Senator Jon Corzine and a special recognition from Gov. Richard Codey.

Ilana’s program helps students. If you have an idea for a program like this or other great business idea enter it in the Grow Your Own Business Challenge. Visit to submit your idea today.


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