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Young Entrepreneur Series –

November 9, 2011

Cameron Johnson was 9 years old when he started building businesses. That’s right, multiple! His successes have included,, Chears and Tears, and My Ez Mail.

Cameron launched his first business, Cheers and Tears when he was 9 years old. Using Photoshop in his Virginia home, Johnson began making greeting cards for his parents’ holiday party, but soon received orders from their friends and colleagues as well. Within a few years, Johnson began using the money he’d earned from selling greeting cards to buy Ty Beanie Babies at wholesale prices. He earned more than $50,000 selling the dolls on eBay and on his Cheers and Tears Web site.

At age 13, Johnson created My EZ Mail, a service that forwards e-mails to a particular account without revealing the recipient’s personal information. Within two years My EZ Mail was generating up to $3,000 per month in advertising revenues.

In 1997, Johnson joined forces with two other teen entrepreneurs to create an online advertising company, It has been reported that this venture earned Johnson a whopping $300,000 to $400,000 a month!

Cameron Johnson later created, allowing people to buy and sell unwanted gift certificates online. Johnson sold in 2004, when Johnson was just 19, for an undisclosed “six-figure” amount.

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