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Young Entrepreneur Series – Public Environmental Awareness Program

November 8, 2011

Bianca Locke, a 12th grade student from Pasadena, Texas, has worked for the environment for most of her life, mainly focusing on teaching younger children about ways they can help the environment. She served her community as a Girl Scout for 10 years, as a volunteer in her church for 2 years, for 3 years as a volunteer for the City of Pasadena, and for 3 years helping Boy Scouts. She became a recognized environmental leader in her community in May, 2006, when her water conservation campaign at the city’s first Environmental Fair won first prize for the “Most Educational Booth.” Bianca subsequently decided to develop a whole environmental education program.

She wrote two books for all ages, including one about storm water and one about recycling. In addition, she developed computer presentations, activities, and posters, and even designed her own mascot and costumes to enhance the messages in her books. Bianca crafted her presentations for audiences of all ages and backgrounds, breaking language barriers with skits, pictures and scale models to get her messages across. She recruited other students and city staff to help with her work. The 12th grader took her program to more than 30 schools, day care centers, community events, youth organizations, environmental workshops, churches, local libraries and summer camps. Each time, between 5 and 150 people would attend her events, particularly the children she has sought most of her life to reach.

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