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Young Entrepreneur Series –

November 2, 2011

Brian Hendricks has always been interested in the mechanics of computers. At the age of 11, he started a solo Web-design business. That was just the beginning. Frustrated after one particular misadventure with tech support, Hendricks became his own tech support – learning about and then fixing the computer himself. Brian Hendricks was 12 years old when was invented.

At the age of 17, he owns a PC business,, specializing in computer repair and the creation of customized computers to individual clients. The computers that he and his four high-school employees build rival those of Dell and Gateway. Currently, Hendricks’ business earns him $2,500 a month as well as the JA’s 2005 Student Entrepreneur of Year award. He maintains a competitive advantage over the competition by undercutting them on price every time. Hendricks is able to do this because of his low overhead costs.

Brian Hendricks’ business began by fulfilling one of his own needs. What can you do for yourself and later turn profitable by providing it to others? Enter that idea in the Grow Your Own Business Challenge. Visit to get started learning how to start a business.


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