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Young Entrepreneur Series – Alexis’ Famous Pies

October 21, 2011

Alexis Holmes was 13 years old when Alexis’ Famous Pies was invented. After being inspired by her godfather, a chef, Alexis Holmes decided to go to cooking school at a local high School in Nashville, Tenn. The class inspired Holmes to give back to the community.

She began selling pies to local ministries and at various fundraisers to help raise money for the Oasis Center, an agency in her hometown that helps kids in crisis. Alexis’ ambitions weren’t purely for philanthropic reason. Within two months, Alexis’ Famous Pies had sold nearly $20,000 worth of goods (including wedding cakes).

Holmes went on to open a full-time bakery, employing young people from the Oasis Center. Currently, she is building a restaurant/kitchen to keep up with the demand of her clients, who include Wynonna Judd, Faith Hill and some of the Tennessee Titans football team.

MSN’s Money Central says “Ambitious teens have plenty of opportunities. If you can fill a need, there’s a business waiting to be built. Even when, as sometimes happens, the need is your own.”

Brilliant statement! We agree – look for a business waiting to be built and enter the Grow Your Own Business Challenge today.

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