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Young Entrepreneur Series – Like Luggage

October 19, 2011

Kendall at Auburn University (photocredit to

Totally cool Kendall Waddey was 12 years old when she started her totally cool company “Like Luggage”. As CEO & Founder of Like® Luggage, Kendall created bright-colored, polka-dotted luggage targeted to teens and kids, all because she simply thought that there was a need.

“It all started when my mom and I flew from Nashville to Des Moines, with a few stops along the way. Each time we picked up our bags, I noticed that all of the bags on the carousel were, like, ugly and blah-ish. I told my mom that when I grew up I was going to make a line of luggage that was, like, cute and had bright colors. She told me that it was a great idea. I totally didn’t expect her to take me seriously, but she did, and she told my Dad about my idea. That night we went on, like, a total rampage thinking of ideas, and talking about our luggage line that we were going to start. The next thing I knew, my dad was having the bags made. I was excited but shocked that it was actually happening. I was thinking ‘this is too good to be true’ just because nothing this amazing has ever happened to me. Now, between school and sports, I’m able to help with our new company. It’s super fun and I hope you like my luggage. I know I do!” said Kendall.

“Like”, a play on teenage lingo and the name of Kendall’s new company, has five styles of luggage including a rolling carry-on, duffle bag, laptop carrier, accessory bag and a draw-string backpack. All pieces, except the draw-string backpacks, are available in six bright-colored, polka-dotted patterns. The series name, “Dots Mine” was based on a person looking for their luggage, and this series standing out on the carousel, with them proclaiming “Dots Mine.”

Kendall saw an opportunity to fill a product need and went for it! It doesn’t take an MBA to start a business, just a great idea, persistence, and hard work!

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