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Young Entrepreneur Series – Pupza din Tei

October 11, 2011

At 17 years old, Mircea Andrei Andrei serves as the managing editor of Pupaza din tei, a newspaper he started when he was just 8 years old.

Staffed and written entirely by children, Pupaza din tei is the animal welfare newspaper of the Clopotel children’s association, located in Andrei’s hometown of Iasi, Romania. In addition to giving aid to Iasi’s scores of homeless children and cleaning up the city’s green spaces, Clopotel has made it priority to look after the 65,000 dogs and cats living on the city’s streets.

As the head of Pupaza din tei, Andrei serves as the primary fundraiser for Clopotel’s animal sanctuary, which currently cares for 120 dogs, 60 cats, and two horses. He also spends a lot of time helping care for the animals at the Clopotel sanctuary. Andrei, whose mother Mariana founded Clopotel, has been involved in the association since he was eight years old.

Andrei eventually wants to study law in the United States and become an animal rights lawyer, so he might work towards securing better lives for Romania’s astounding number of homeless dogs and cats.

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