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Young Entrepreneur Series –

October 5, 2011

Ashley Qualls was 14 years old when she created, a popular MySpace design company. Qualls created her multi-million dollar website with $8 borrowed from her mother for domain registration. Her hobby of HTML and web design quickly grew and became the most successful MySpace design site.

Ashley’s company earned $70,000 a month from AdSense and paid ad placements. She operated her business from a home in suburban working class Detroit with the help of friends and a business consultant.

Ashley’s interest in web design began at the age of 9, when she spent hours at the kitchen table playing computer games and learning basic web design. By the age of 14, she applied her knowledge of HTML to building Ashley’s original purpose for Whateverlife was to exhibit her web designs. It gained momentum form there when Ashley started posting free MySpace layouts and graphics on her site to meet the increasing demand for them. At it’s peak, received 7 million visitors and 60 million page views a month.

On her own MySpace page, Ashley described herself as “quirky, witty, and funny.” She also says, “I have a pretty decent list of accomplishments in my life that make me smile, but I am very humble. I appreciate them in my head and I don’t like to brag or steal spotlight. I am a well rounded person who loves seeing others succeed as well.”

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