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Young Entrepreneur Series – SuperJam

October 4, 2011

Fraser Doherty - He's Jammin'

Fraser Doherty was 16 years old when he left school to work full time on building his company “SuperJam”, making jams from his grandmother’s recipes. Fraser is from Edinburgh, Scotland and is CEO of his company SuperJam. He is also director of the registered Scottish charity, The SuperJam Tea Parties

But HOW did he do it? He looked for an opening in a market he already knew well, and filled that opening with a truly great product. “Jam sales in the U.K. had been in decline because it was so unhealthy,” says Doherty. “There hadn’t been a new brand in the category for a long time.” Enter 100% fruit/fruit juice, no added sugar jams.

In early 2007, Waitrose, a high-end supermarket in the U.K., approached Doherty, hoping to sell his Superjam products in their stores. Fraser worked tirelessly to bring the product to mass market. It was not without adversity! Many people scoffed at the idea that a teenager could run a business. And then, Waitrose didn’t like the labels or the flavors and  thought it wasn’t going to be priced appropriately.

Back to the drawing board! That’s called persistence, a quality you will see over and over again in entrepreneur stories.

He fixed those problems and was off to the races. Soon, there were Superjam jars on the shelves of 184 Waitrose stores, hoisting Doherty and his business to new heights.

Fraser has also developed various charitable projects including The SuperJam Tea Parties, established in 2008. The organization runs tea parties for lonely elderly people who live alone or in care homes. The company also organizes various ‘knitathons’, encouraging the public to knit for good causes.

Is there anything Doherty doesn’t do? Maybe not! A jack of all trades, he’s also written two books!  The SuperJam Cookbook and SuperBusiness. The second book is a guide to starting your own business, based on SuperJam’s journey!

 Identify a problem, solve it, be persistent, and do good with your success and you could be the next Jam Boy!

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