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Young Entrepreneurs Series – Quizlet, Brainflare

September 21, 2011

Ever wish there a way to make memorizing vocabulary words easier? Well, thanks to Andrew Sutherland, there is! At 15, Sutherland created Quizlet to help him memorize vocabulary words for his French Test.

Quizlet is a Web-based tool that anyone can use to memorize vocabulary terms. Users enter the terms they need to memorize and the correct definitions, and Quizlet does the rest — logging their correct answers and retesting them on any they miss.

Since Sutherland publicly launched Quizlet in January 2007, some 130,000 users have taken more than 12 million quizzes. To handle the business aspects of the endeavor, Sutherland formed a company called Brainflare, with his father as chief financial officer and secretary. Sutherland recently took a leave of absence from MIT to build his company.

To learn more about his company, visit

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