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Young Entrepreneur Series –

September 20, 2011

Marcelo Hoynowski was 8 years old when he founded Marcelo learned about the cruel seal hunt that takes place every year in Canada. He decided to do something about it, and started spreading the word and sending letters of opposition to the Canadian government.

He then started his own website, to inform people about the seal hunt and how to help end it. Marcelo received the 2007 International Action Award from the International Fund for Animal Welfare. He also cites Priceless, by Bradley Trevor Greive, a book about animals that are on the list of endangered species, as one of the most inspiring and enjoyable books he has ever read.

Marcelo also organized the “New Jersey Walk for Seals” on March 15, 2008, to coincide with the International Day of Protest against Canada’s seal hunt.

Fundraising for social causes is like running a business. You have to consider many of the same lessons taught in Secret Millionaires Club with Warren Buffett. If you are interested in being a social entrepreneur like Marcelo, you can learn more at

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