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Young Entrepreneur Series – Kimmie Weeks – Social Entrepreneur

September 14, 2011

Kimmie Weeks visits internally displaced people camps in Sierra Leone.

Kimmie Weeks has been working on projects for peace since he was 11 years old.   

Kimmie was born in Liberia in 1981. When he was just nine years old, he came to see human suffering, and death during the First Liberian Civil War. According to reports, he was in a refugee camp and nearly died from cholera, chicken pox, and jaundice. His mother refused to believe he was dead and saved his life.

After that night, he decided to dedicate his life to helping children around the world. He co-founded Voice of the Future Inc. when he was just 13. Voice of the Future is an advocacy organization for the rights of children in Liberia and provided informal health care and education to children across Liberia through a network of more than 4,000 volunteers.

At 15 years old Kimmie founded and chaired the Children’s Disarmament Campaign. With support from UNICEF, the campaign lobbied a deadline for the disarmament of child soldiers, meeting warring faction, political, spiritual leaders and heads of civic societies to set a date for the disarmament of child soldiers.

Over the years, Kimmie has formed partnerships and led organizations that have provided education to thousands of students in West Africa, lobbied the disarmament of over 20,000 child soldiers, and provided health care and recreation supplies to children.

After fleeing Liberia when he was 17, he moved to the United States, finished high school, and went on to Amherst College. While at Amherst, he founded Youth Action International. Since the founding of that organization, YAI has raised thousands of dollars for humanitarian programs and Kimmie Weeks has been a huge activist for child soldiers and an inspiration to U.S. children. YAI programs operate in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Uganda.

Kimmie works tirelessly to give young people a chance to participate in solving and alleviating pressing humanitarian problems around the world.

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