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Young Entrepreneur Series – Fortune Girls

September 8, 2011

Madison Tyler Ruiz was 11 years old when she founded her company “Fortune Girls”. But as young as just 2 years old, she was sketching girls of different races, cultures and body types. Together with her mom, she created a unique story for each of the girls Madison sketched. These stories developed into a new brand that includes various cartoon like characters, “The Fortune Girls.”

Fortune Girls is an online community with a social conscience aimed at empowering young girls aged seven to fourteen to feel good about themselves and to always think about how they can make a positive difference in the world. Girls can become a part of the Fortune Girls community and learn about giving, share their stories and attend Fortune Girls events.

Girls can be great business leaders too. Secret Millionares Club is proud to partner with Girls Inc. to get important lessons in economic literacy out to girls across the country. In the upcoming months, we will be featuring successful young female entrepreneurs. We hope it will inspire future businesswomen everywhere!

You can also learn entrepreneurial lessons from the Secret Millionaires Club webisodes and by registering with us today.

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