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#Teacher Activities for #SMC The Domino Effect

September 8, 2011
The Domino Effect

When business managers make decisions, they have to think of the consequences. Every major decision that is made can have a domino effect on the future. For example, if a business decides to charge too much for a product, then it is possible that this may lead to lower sales – and lower sales may lead to making less money. You need to understand the domino impact of the decisions you make in life. You want to make sure you stay in school – as failing to complete your education can lead to not achieving your dreams in the future. So remember, “In business and in life, one little domino can knock down a whole row!” 

Meets Standards:
  • Planning & Money Management


Grade 3: Animal Assets

Grade 4: An Asset, a Liability

Grade 5: Working the Net

Grade 6: Dough, Bread or Money


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