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Young Entrepreneur Series –

September 6, 2011

Macallan ini Botswana (photo credit:

Macallan Durkin is a powerhouse of social entrepreneurship! She was 11 years old when she founded  – a non-profit site which sells fair trade products. Macallan sells items she creates including a chameleon bead kit and shirts bearing her own ostrich drawing with a Don’t Bury your Head in the sand message. All proceeds go to the food programs in North Africa.

When she was 11, her family returned from three years in Botswana, and she couldn’t forget the hungry orphans who rummaged through garbage for food. Goody Goodies’ goal is provide a meaningful vehicle for youth advocacy to provide assistance to children who have suffered a loss. Through the sale of fair trade products, presentations, and workshops Goody Goodies raises awareness and funds to provide education, food, medical attention and hope to the neediest of children.

If you see an opportunity to help, you can do it too. You can start a business or an organization that helps people, animals, or the environment.

Learn the basics of entrepreneurship and financial literacy through the Secret Millionaires Club with Warren Buffett and the Learn & Earn Promotion. You could even enter the Grow Your Own Business challenge and possibly win seed money!

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